Kapuna Hospital in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea is a level four mission hospital operated by Gulf Christian Services, serving the people of PNG since 1949.


To see the communities of the Gulf Province become more like “as it is in heaven” by modelling this in the Christ-Centred services of Education and Health, so that God is glorified.

Kapuna Hospital

Our approach

Making sure we are not the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff

ambulance cliff


  •  2 full time doctors (Currently one volunteer docotor)
  • 8 Nursing Officers (all PNG Nationals)
  • 25 Community Health Workers (similar to Nurse Aides)
  • 5 Laboratory and X-ray staff
  • 2 Dentists


  • 80 inpatient beds
  • Basic Surgery, Pediatric, OB/GYN, and Medical Services
  • 24 hour Emergency Department
  • Laboratory and X-ray
  • Rural village patrols 



Upraged kapuna Hospital

Ward A

Ward A is the maternity suite, with two labour beds and a postnatal ward. Here in PNG maternal health is one of the biggest challenges with pregnancy and childbirth complications still being the biggest killer of women age 15-45. The vast majority of deaths occur in home deliveries. In 2013 over 300 babies were born at Kapuna, a rise of about 30% from the previous year, as more and more women are coming to hospital to give birth. Antenatal clinics, postnatal care, and family planning services are all run from ward A.

Ward B

Ward B is the children’s ward. All manner of problems are seen here, ranging from simple coughs through to broken bones, along with long-term patients requiring monitoring and rehabilitation. Ward B also manages outpatients from the local villages and immunisations.

Ward C

Ward C is the adult ward. Again, the full range of medical and surgical problems that may be seen in any hospital in the western world are seen here, with the added challenge of tuberculosis, malaria and other tropical diseases.

TB Ward

Actually, tuberculosis (TB) is such a big problem here, that our fourth ward is a dedicated TB ward. Patients on this ward range from babies to elderly people, with every type of TB imaginable: TB lung, TB heart, TB abdomen, TB meningitis, TB lymph nodes, TB breast, TB of the joints… name a part of the body and we’ll probably have a patient with TB there! It’s a massive challenge. We’re working with the health department ‘Stop TB’ programme to try and reduce TB in PNG, but it’s one of our biggest focuses to try and improve the health in this area and reduce transmission of the disease. Patients need to take TB treatment for a minimum of six months, the first two months of which they stay at the hospital in the TB ward. The local level government has recently granted money for renovations and extension of this ward.

Antinatal Ward

The antenatal ward functions as a ‘waiting house’ for women from far away villages, who come and stay in the last weeks of their pregnancy so they are at the hospital for when their labour starts.


The last ward is the ‘Outpatient’ ward, which has dual purpose. It functions as an ‘Accident and Emergency’ department to manage acutely sick patients and injuries when they first arrive, and also provides daily care and dressings for wounds, sores, burns and skin conditions


Check out what the team has been doing this year

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Kapuna Rural Laboratory

The origins of the lab go to the very beginning, Dr. Peter Calvert brought a single eyepiece microscope and used the light from the sun to be able to see bacteria in the slides of the patients. Today we are blessed by a functioning laboratory with not one but three stereo light microscopes.

At Kapuna we are able to process sputa for TB and screen for presumptive MDR-TB using a GeneXpert. Among other tests like basic blood chemistry (Fuji DriChem Blood Analyzer) and collect as well as provide safe blood transfusions.

At least one time each year visiting professionals come to either assess or render further training for those working in the lab.

Though we have come a long way from viewing bacteria with sunlight there are still plenty of ways we desire to grow our skills and knowledge in the lab. Should you have a desire to come and learn or share what you have to offer the beautiful people of Biamuru please come!

Latest Stories

Patient with stick through his neck


In the heart of Korovake village, nestled within the vast Purari delta of Gulf Province, young Calvert Aua could often be found playing with his friends. Their favourite pastime is a game called Gemo, a fast-paced activity that combines agility and strategy. One sunny afternoon, Calvert, energetic and spirited, was engrossed in a particularly intense game.

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Eye surgery

Specialist eye surgery

Bringing basic health services to these widely scattered people is very challenging. Bringing Specialist services to the people is even more challenging. There are no regular specialist services currently available in the Province and people have to travel to the capital Port Moresby for treatment. 

Like every tropical country, eye disease and blindness from Cataracts are common amongst the elderly population. 

On December 1 2023, a Specialist Eye Surgery Team left Port Moresby and travelled by small plane and dinghy to Kapuna Hospital. Kapuna is a small Rural hospital set in the middle of the Gulf Delta. It is small and isolated and serves very scattered population.

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Dr Esti with the blind girl from Pawaia.

Eyes to see

My name is Kailin Nou’wauó

I come from Haia on the border of Chimbu and Gulf provinces.

For a long time, I suffered with pain in my eyes and with headaches. One day I was carrying a load of sago and bamboo and fell from the steps of our bush house. I was suffering so my brother took me to Wabo, while staying at Wabo the pain in my eyes and my suffering became worse.

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Crocodile Attacks in Gulf

Over the last few months, there have been four crocodile attacks in the Baimuru District, three of which were fatal but not Mr Ishmael Kaipa who escaped with his life.

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