Quick support saves the young life of Calvert Aua

In the heart of Korovake village, nestled within the vast Purari delta of Gulf Province, young Calvert Aua could often be found playing with his friends. Their favourite pastime is a game called Gemo, a fast-paced activity that combines agility and strategy. One sunny afternoon, Calvert, energetic and spirited, was engrossed in a particularly intense game.

As he sprinted and slid across the grassy field, Calvert lost his footing, flying headfirst into an old, sharp fence post. The post pierced through his neck, causing an immediate, searing pain. In a state of shock and driven by sheer instinct, Calvert staggered to his feet and began the arduous walk to his grandfather’s house. 9 am.

Calvert reached his grandfather’s home. His grandfather, a man of calm and swift action, wasted no time and rushed Calvert to Kapuna Hospital, the nearest medical facility. There, Dr. Esti Calvert immediately took charge of the situation.

Dr. Calvert assessed the severity of the injury with a grave expression. “He needs more specialized care than we can provide here,” she said urgently. “We must transfer him to Port Moresby General Hospital immediately.”

News of Calvert’s critical condition and the need for swift action reached Total Energies, a company with a strong presence in the region. Recognizing the urgency, they mobilized an emergency evacuation. Soon after a helicopter arrived at Kapuna Hospital, ready to transport Calvert to Port Moresby.

Upon arrival at Port Moresby General Hospital, a highly skilled surgical team, was already on standby.

The team worked tirelessly and meticulously. The surgery was complex, requiring delicate maneuvers to avoid critical blood vessels and nerves. The team’s expertise and unwavering focus ensured its success.

Calvert and his family are extremely grateful for everyone who helped. The surgical team at Port Moresby General Hospital had not only saved his life but had also given him a second chance. Their dedication and skill are to be celebrated.

Equally, the critical role played by Total Energies has to be acknowledged with profound appreciation. Their prompt response and the provision of the emergency helicopter made the life-saving surgery possible. Their commitment to the welfare of the community in times of need shows the positive impact they provide for the community.

A month later, Calvert was back on his feet, and the scar on his neck was a reminder of his close encounter and the miracle of his survival. His eyes are now full of the joy of life.

He returned to Korovake village with a deep appreciation for the fragility of life and the kindness of those who had saved him.

Thanks to the Aua family for allowing us to tell Calverts story.

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  1. Wow! Great work by all involved and thanks to Total Energies for their provision.
    Thanks also to God for the right people in the right places at the right time.

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