Over the last few months, there have been four crocodile attacks in the Baimuru District, three of which were fatal but not Mr Ishmael Kaipu who escaped with his life.

His wife tells the story wonderfully. One morning her husband went out fishing in his canoe. After casting the net out, he sat on the front of his canoe, as he dangled his legs into the water a large croc grabbed his leg and pulled him into the water. The crocodile was strong and dragged him into deeper water. After a great struggle, where he clung to one breath at a time when he could get his head above the water, the crocodile miraculously let go of his leg.

Still under the water he prayed and felt that he should swim in a certain direction, when he finally came up out of the water, he found he was safe in the mud and his canoe which he had lost at the start of the struggle was next to him. With help from family members he met on the way, he managed to get back home and to Kapuna Hospital, where multiple open fractures and bad wounds were treated. Although he is improving every day, there is a long road of healing ahead.

Sadly crocodile attacks are a growing concern in our district/province. As a result, people are afraid to go into the river – the only means of transportation and a large food source. Unfortunately, often women and children get targeted. We will keep treating patients like Mr Ishmael Kaipu and we thank God for saving his life. Please pray with us as we find a long-lasting solution to this problem, and be careful out there.

Thanks to Mr Ishmael Kaipu for letting us tell his story.

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