Kapuna Laboratory

In 2017 we had no idea we needed a laboratory.

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Patient with stick through his neck


In the heart of Korovake village, nestled within the vast Purari delta of Gulf Province, young Calvert Aua could often be found playing with his friends. Their favourite pastime is a game called Gemo, a fast-paced activity that combines agility and strategy. One sunny afternoon, Calvert, energetic and spirited, was engrossed in a particularly intense game.

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Eye surgery

Specialist eye surgery

Bringing basic health services to these widely scattered people is very challenging. Bringing Specialist services to the people is even more challenging. There are no regular specialist services currently available in the Province and people have to travel to the capital Port Moresby for treatment. 

Like every tropical country, eye disease and blindness from Cataracts are common amongst the elderly population. 

On December 1 2023, a Specialist Eye Surgery Team left Port Moresby and travelled by small plane and dinghy to Kapuna Hospital. Kapuna is a small Rural hospital set in the middle of the Gulf Delta. It is small and isolated and serves very scattered population.

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