Specialist eye surgery

Eye surgery

Bringing basic health services to these widely scattered people is very challenging. Bringing Specialist services to the people is even more challenging. There are no regular specialist services currently available in the Province and people have to travel to the capital Port Moresby for treatment. 

Like every tropical country, eye disease and blindness from Cataracts are common amongst the elderly population. 

On December 1 2023, a Specialist Eye Surgery Team left Port Moresby and travelled by small plane and dinghy to Kapuna Hospital. Kapuna is a small Rural hospital set in the middle of the Gulf Delta. It is small and isolated and serves very scattered population.

A story of two brothers

This is the story of two brothers, the firstborn was called red/hairy, who would call his son red and hairy? The other, well his name meant something like Tricky. Both are not great names, but for sure the second got the worst deal.

Eyes to see

Dr Esti with the blind girl from Pawaia.

My name is Kailin Nou’wauó

I come from Haia on the border of Chimbu and Gulf provinces.

For a long time, I suffered with pain in my eyes and with headaches. One day I was carrying a load of sago and bamboo and fell from the steps of our bush house. I was suffering so my brother took me to Wabo, while staying at Wabo the pain in my eyes and my suffering became worse.

Crocodile Attacks in Gulf

Over the last few months, there have been four crocodile attacks in the Baimuru District, three of which were fatal but not Mr Ishmael Kaipa who escaped with his life.

Laptops for Kapuna Life School

kid holding laptop

Kapuna Life School, which serves the educational needs of some of the children from Ara’ava and Kairimai, our neighbouring villages, and Kapuna itself, recently received a significant boost in our efforts to integrate technology into our teaching. This step came about when Litehaus International, in partnership with Total Energies PNG, learned about our school’s situation and generously donated six HP computers.


Colin Calvert

Being out here in the swamps of the Gulf province is great, especially when there is chaos in the cities, we [Hobbits] love peace and quiet and good tilled earth.. Someone recently said it feels like you guys are still living in the ’50s” which I will take as a compliment, and with so much wonderful new technology, like solar power, nice showers, lawnmowers, and somewhat reliable internet, this is the best of both worlds. But we can’t live in a bubble. As Christians, we are called to be salt, and if we lose our saltiness we are to be thrown out. So what is it to be Salt in PNG today?

New Combined Mess Hall

We are thrilled to share that we just completed and opened the new mess hall for our Community Health Worker Training School. The construction which began in early 2023 was not without its challenges tho.


Today, as the Supplies and Logistics Manager at Gulf Christian Services, Bartholomew’s journey serves as an inspiration. His growth, both professionally and personally, underscores the impact of perseverance and determination. Recognized as a key asset to Gulf Christian Services, Bartholomew’s story is a testament to the transformative power of his faith and the strength that comes with that.

New Rubbish Bins for Kapuna Hospital

Why does rubbish matter? Because we are called to reflect Christ in everything we do as christians and because we were created to care for the earth, our garden of Eden.


Here is a story about the wonderful work of KAKS, an acronym for Karimai, Ara A’va, Kapuna Sewing, is a flourishing initiative that was born two years ago under the dedicated leadership of The Projects Team(Daniëlle Dijkema) and Sherry Rex, who serves as the head seamstress. Our skilled seamstresses meticulously sew an array of items, including mari blouses, skirts, shirts, baby clothes, and much more. Furthermore, they extend their expertise to creating uniforms for the local hospital.