Kapuna Life School, which serves the educational needs of some of the children from Ara’ava and Kairimai, our neighbouring villages, and Kapuna itself, recently received a significant boost in our efforts to integrate technology into our teaching. This step came about when Litehaus International, in partnership with Total Energies PNG, learned about our school’s situation and generously donated six HP computers.

These computers, essential in today’s digital age, will be instrumental in teaching our kids vital skills such as typing, conducting online research, and much more. Many of our students have not had the opportunity to use a computer before, as they cannot access one at home, so this is a big step. The school has long wanted to include computer literacy in our curriculum, understanding its importance in a modern educational setting, so this will help us take steps in that direction.

We are overjoyed and grateful for this contribution from Litehaus International and TotalEnergies. It’s not just the gift of technology; it’s a gift of opportunity, opening new doors for our students to learn, explore, and understand the world around them. We are excited to see our students learn about how technology can be a great tool in helping us build a bright, Christ-centered future for our country.

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