Kapuna CHW training school

Kapuna Community Health Worker Training School is a national institution operating under Christian Health Services, run by Gulf Christian Services (GCS).

It is one of the entities under GCS and therefore it does not function independently. There is only one decision-making body which comprises all the entity heads. The purpose of this is to ensure unity in all entities is maintained so that the vision of GCS which is “to provide Christ-centred care to the people of Gulf Province and PNG as a whole” is fulfilled by all.

Kapuna CHW Training School is the only training institution in Gulf Province and therefore, gives priority to the applicants within the province, but it does take students from outside of the province.

It has been operating for almost 65 years and has graduated over 5000 nurses for the nation’s health workforce.

There are plans to develop the school and take it up to the level that is expected by the Government of PNG and the NDOH (National Department of Health). Therefore, we wish to work with everyone to accomplish these plans.

The why behind our what

Our Mission

Lead the Gulf into becoming a top province for Health and Education. Where the people flourish and Christ’s name is lifted up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Applications opens in February every year and stay open until the 30th of June

Applications closes on the 30th of June.

Grade 12 Science Students with a minimum standard of  ‘C’ grades in English, Maths, Biology & Chemistry.

An application form will be sent to you when you enquire for it through Kapuna Training  school’s email


Certificate is attached together with the FODE Certificate & only centres that are registered and we have knowledge about.

The course is a full-time course for two years.

Requirements needed to apply:

  • Current & updated application form must be used to apply.
  • Copy of Gr. 12 Certificate.
  • Copy of Police Clearance.
  • Copy of Medical Examination Form done recently.
  • Copy of current Church, & Community Leaders’ references as school references are too old for some applicants.
  • Spouse Release Letter for Married Applicants.
  • Copy of updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Receipt of K20 for hand delivered applications & K50 for emailed applications.

Account Details for the school:


Acc number: 7018765417

Bank: BSP

Branch: Port Moresby

BSB  Number: 088-294

Yes, the school has very stringent rules that are observed and enforced at all times.

No, the students make their own way from their own provinces to the school, if they are accepted.

Yes, all students are accommodated on campus.

Students do their practical at Kikori and Kapuna Hospital, Baimuru & Karaulti Health Centre, Koravake & Maipenairu Aid-posts.

  1. Kapuna CHW Training School facilitated by Gulf Christian Services is a national institution owned by the PNG government so applicants from all over the country have the right to apply. 
  2. The application form has been updated since January 2021 and every applicant applying in must use the new updated form.
  3. All questions on the application form must be filled by the applicant himself/herself and not by any other person.
  4. Current references must be attached, not a year or two old. It’s a must that current community and church references must be attached. Writing your own references is cheating. If found your application will not be considered.
  5. Married applicants must have their spouse’s release letter and it must be written by the husband and not any other relatives. Those who are married but claim to be single will be terminated if the management finds out any time during the course of study.
  6. Female married applicants who are breastfeeding can apply when the child is 2-3 years of age or if proper arrangements are done for someone who will take good care of your baby.
  7. Ensure that your application is complete before posting or hand delivering it. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  8. All complete applications must be posted via the school postal address or hand delivered. Postal address: Kapuna CHW Training School, P.O. Box 2582, Boroko, NCD.
  9. Receipt of non-refundable application fee of K20 must be attached with the rest of the documents if the application is hand delivered but those who wish to email your applications must ensure that the receipt of non-refundable fee of K50 is attached. Email applications without receipt of K50 attached will not be printed out. Can pay through this account: Acc Name: GCS-KAPUNACHWTS, Acc #: 7018765417, Bank: BSP, Branch: Port Moresby. Email application fee is K50.
  10. Application opens mid-January and closes at the end of June. Late applications will not be considered for screening and selection.
  11. When applying, ensure to secure funds for tuition fees and travel fares in case you are accepted for study.
  12. When you apply, that does not mean that you will be selected straight away, there are requirements you need to meet as well as other areas such as accommodation space are all considered. If you do not receive an acceptance letter from the school, that means you are not accepted but can email or call the school for confirmation.
  13. Kapuna is strictly going for Gr 12 Science students with a minimum ‘C’ grade in English, Mathematics, Biology & Chemistry. Please do not apply if you have “D’s or E’s” on your grade 12 certificates or if you are a Social Science Student.
  14. Do not apply with Certificate of Attainment unless its approved by Measurement Service Division.
  • Current & updated application form must be used to apply.
  • Copy of Gr. 12 Certificate.
  • Copy of Police Clearance.
  • Copy of Medical Examination Form done recently.
  • Copy of current Church, & Community Leaders’ references as school references are too old for some applicants.
  • Spouse Release Letter for Married Applicants.
  • Copy of updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Receipt of K20 for hand delivered applications & K50 for emailed applications.


  1. Academic Programs Kapuna CHW Training School runs a two-year training Certificate for Community Health Workers. Currently, the modular curriculum is taught. There are a total of 49 modules (29 taught in year one & 21 taught in year 2). This might soon be changed as the curriculum is being revised and the revised version might be implemented as of 2024 onwards.
  2. Placements are done after a block of teaching is done. Normally, after theory lessons, students are expected to practice the knowledge and skills imparted to them. Placements are normally done within the district as taking the students out is very expensive and risky.

  3. Spiritual Programs

    The institution launched the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship in February 2023. It is compulsory for all students to participate in this program. Students have their fellowship every Friday night. They have outreach twice a year. Students do fundraising to help them carry out outreach programs.

Where are we?

Kapuna is a very remote school located in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea.

How do you get here?

We can be accessed by plane, road and water.

Travelling by plane. There are three nearby airstrips, which you can fly into from Port Moresby, Hagen, Goroka & Kerema.

Travelling by road. You can also travel by PMV from POM to Kerema and travel the final leg by sea(If the sea is calm).

Travelling by sea can be very risky depending on the time of year.

It can be a whole day trip or you may have to overnight at Kerema town and travel the next day(If the sea is calm).

Over 65 years of training

Our History

Kapuna Training School has a rich history of providing high-quality training.

Kapuna has a two-year Community Healthcare Worker (CHW) training facility, followed by a six-month internship.

Watch some of the history from the founder Dr.Lin Calvert 

Standard 2
First intake

Started with Standard 2: Only 6 local girls

Aid Post Orderly Program Started
Aid Post Orderly Program Started

Dr Peter Calvert believed that at its core, the Aidpost Orderly Program would enhance the overall well-being of Gulf Province's villages by concentrating on healthcare, education, and community advancement. This comprehensive approach involves establishing sustainable healthcare infrastructure, delivering essential medical services, and expanding access to education and vocational training. By doing so, the program not only addresses immediate medical needs but also empowers community members to take charge of their futures, fostering a brighter and healthier outlook for the region.

Enrolled Community Nursing
Enrolled Community Nursing

Community nursing 

1987 – 2004
Community Health Worker
Community Health Worker

CHW Graduation

2005 – 2023
CHW Competency Based Program
CHW Competency Based Program

Future health workers and leaders of the Gulf Province

2024 onwards
CHW IV Competency Base Program
CHW IV Competency Base Program
2024 GCS training school group photo

Come be part of the ongoing story

Want to join the team ?


For our students and Staff


IT Lab

State of the art IT facilities

Staff houses

Staff houses

Five quality built staff houses. We are looking to expand our exsisiting housing facilities.


Class rooms

Two main class rooms with great airflow, lighting and presentation facilities


Seperate Male and Female Spaces

Dormotories are regularly cleaned and maintained to a high standard

Administration office


A place where you can get support and answers to your questions.



Providing a good reading space and variety of books we belive is an essential part of the learning experience.


State of the Art

State of the art eating cooking and eating facilites. This is a communcal space.

Latest Updates

New Combined Mess Hall

We are thrilled to share that we just completed and opened the new mess hall for our Community Health Worker Training School. The construction which began in early 2023 was not without its challenges tho.

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