Glimpse into jungle life

With a mission to provide Christ centered services to the people of the Gulf province, we are always needing help. 

We are thankful to the team at Total Energies for putting together this video about what it means to serve as part of the Gulf Christian Services team.

Here is a little sneak preview into some of what we do.

With the upgrading to a level 4 hospital it has meant we have been blessed with a lot of new staff. The admin/project/finance office has almost had a totally new team.

We keep on trying new things – a tractor and water drilling rig at Kapuna can’t be done or can it ? With Craig from Balclutha and Scott from Kapuna on the job, anything can happen.

As I write, the Baptist water drilling team are drilling and we hope they find water as they did at the  GCS Kikori Hospital.

Kapuna Life School now has their own piggery in front of the hospital. It is an experiment so we only have two small pigs. If it works we will enlarge the flock and diverge into poultry, selling eggs.  Lots of new things happening so make sure  to keep an eye on your facebook page. 


Meet some of our team

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