Kapuna Life School in Papua New Guinea: Nurturing Minds and Values for a Brighter Future


In the heart of the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea lies a remarkable educational institution dedicated to shaping the future of Baimuru children and the wider community. Kapuna Life School, guided by its Strategic Plan for 2023-2028, has embarked on a journey to provide not only academic excellence but also instill strong values, fostering holistic development in the next generation. Let’s delve into the vision, mission, and objectives of this institution, and discover how it plans to make a lasting impact.

Vision & Mission: A Noble Pursuit

Kapuna Life School’s vision and mission reflect its deep commitment to its students and the community it serves. The school aims to train and educate children to know and experience their Creator, Savior, and Lord while imparting the highest standard of education within their abilities. This dual focus on spirituality and academics sets the foundation for a well-rounded education.

Objectives: Nurturing Holistic Development

  1. Academic Excellence: At the heart of Kapuna Life School’s objectives is the commitment to bring each child to the highest educational standard possible. Recognizing that each child possesses unique talents and abilities, the school ensures that students not only excel in their strengths but also receive support in areas where they need improvement.
  2. Social Skills: The school emphasizes the importance of teamwork, kindness, gentleness, hard work, and courage. These values are crucial for character development and fostering a sense of community.
  3. Mental Development: Kapuna Life School encourages students to use their initiative, think ahead, and maintain a healthy self-esteem. The goal is to help students become confident individuals who are willing to take calculated risks.
  4. Physical Well-being: Physical education is not only about fitness but also about self-control and sportsmanship. Students are trained to take care of themselves and assist in emergencies, equipping them with essential life skills.
  5. Community Engagement: The school instills a sense of responsibility in its students, encouraging them to contribute to their community by using their skills and abilities for the betterment of others.

Values: The Foundation of Character

Kapuna Life School’s core values, including honesty, hard work, determination, courage, trust, humility, gender equality, and teamwork, serve as the building blocks of character development. These values guide students in their journey towards becoming responsible and compassionate individuals.

Long-term Strategies: Building a Bright Future

To achieve its goals, the school has devised a set of long-term strategies:

  1. Academic Strategy: Maintaining small class sizes ensures a beneficial teacher-student ratio, and hiring capable teachers for the Junior High School guarantees quality education.
  2. Capacity Building: The school is committed to having a qualified and experienced headmaster who can think innovatively and collaborate effectively with stakeholders. Additionally, establishing a Primary School Teachers College will further enhance teacher training.
  3. Infrastructure Development: To attract qualified staff, the school plans to invest in housing and essential facilities, including classrooms, offices, a computer lab, and a science lab.

Medium and Short-term Plans: Progress in Motion

In the medium term, the school aims to provide standardized textbooks for all grades and develop a comprehensive building plan. In the short term, setting up an IT laboratory and ensuring regular inspections and registrations are immediate priorities. Furthermore, the school plans to transfer its management to a Church Run Agency School to secure funding and support.

Requirements for Success

Kapuna Life School acknowledges the importance of a collaborative effort. An active and supportive Gulf Education Department, along with generous funding from stakeholders like Total Energy, are crucial for achieving the school’s objectives. The school also places its faith in divine guidance, recognizing that its mission is orchestrated by a higher power.


Kapuna Life School in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea stands as a beacon of hope and education, shaping the minds and hearts of its students. With a clear vision, a commitment to values, and a strategic plan for the future, this institution is well on its way to making a significant difference in the lives of Baimuru children and the broader community. Together, they are nurturing a brighter future for the Gulf Province and the nation of Papua New Guinea.

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