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At Kapuna Hospital, nestled in the heart of the remote Gulf of Papua New Guinea, lives are at stake every day. Many patients travel from distant villages seeking critical medical care, but they face a daunting challenge – they can’t bring all the food that they will need to  stay at the hospital for what could be a long period of time. Our Needy Fund is their lifeline.

Imagine living in a village far from medical facilities, with no access to essential healthcare. For those who make the arduous journey to Kapuna Hospital, a beacon of hope in this remote region, their struggle doesn’t end upon arrival. They need support to stay and receive the treatment they so desperately need.

The Needy Fund is the bridge that connects compassionate donors like you to the most vulnerable patients at Kapuna Hospital. Your generosity helps cover the costs of meals, and essential medical expenses, allowing patients and their families to focus on recovery without the burden of financial worries.

Your contribution can make a world of difference in the lives of these patients, ensuring they get the care they deserve. Join us in this vital mission to provide hope, healing, and a brighter future to those who need it most.

Donate now and be a part of the transformation at Kapuna Hospital. Your kindness is their lifeline.

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Needy Fund

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