Kapuna Hospital

Welcome to Kapuna!

Nestled in the dense jungle of the Wame River, Kapuna Hospital, along with Kikori,
serves over 30,000 people in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG).
Partnering with Gulf Christian Services, we are a faith-based ministry that encompasses medical care,
training, leadership, community development, and so much more.
The Gulf Province is one of the most remote and unique places on the planet! It is rich in culture, languages,
and people groups. To learn more about us, click on our links and enjoy!

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What We Do


Sustainability is a key factor in developing the Baimuru region and the Gulf Province.

CHW Training

Kapuna has a two-year Community Healthcare Worker (CHW) training facility, followed by a six month internship.


Kapuna is the only hospital within paddling distance for about 15,000 PNG locals in multiple tribal villages scattered across this region. 


Kapuna Hospital has an elementary and middle school, serving the hospital staff families. 


Kapuna Hospital is so much more than just a hospital. It includes school, a church, as well as, building and community development projects.


Kapuna is a Christian faith-based ministry. As such, we believe that spiritual growth and discipleship is essential to seeing a community progress.