Sustainability is a key factor in developing the Baimuru region and the Gulf Province. The best results for a lasting, positive impact is through community.

Kapuna has strong ties to the local community and is a community within itself. We know that you cannot merely treat physical symptoms of people and a region, so we strive to educate and lead by example.

Throughout the year, we send staff and students to neighboring villages for outreaches. These involve hands-on learning, clinics, teaching, as well as, getting to know the locals.

We also run a number of programs from Kapuna including: field days for the kids, World AIDS Day awareness teaching, parenting classes, and healthy village “ene vapara.”

“Ene vapara” or healthy village is run throughout the area for week long teachings. It helps the locals better understand illnesses and how to recognize what should be done in each situation; breaking down long-held superstitions about sickness and its causes. Educating locals on preventative measures is fundamental to healthy villages.

The a long-term goal of “Ene vapara” is to see a first-aid kit and thermometer in the hands of each mother, as well as, the skill to best utilize the tools.

(Check out our Volunteer page to see how you can get involved in the Kapuna community.)