Kapuna Church

Kapuna church is a local interdenominational church.

It is the gathering of believers in Jesus Christ, to praise the goodness of God, worship the living Saviour and to enjoy fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

Kapuna as a nursing school and discipleship school for students from many denominations choses to maintain its Non denominational label as Kapuna church.


Kapuna church has a strong focus on discipleship. More than half of church expenditure is used in this area.


Discipleship phase 1 is for two months and covers basic bible understanding as education levels are low in most tribal areas. They complete 6 weeks of classes and then fourteen days of retreat and outreach back in their home villages.

There is also a Discipleship 2 course that is offered to those who have done well back in their local church.

The church sees the teaching, training and building up of young people as its first priority, they are the face of the church of tomorrow. 

Thoughts and Stories


A story of two brothers

This is the story of two brothers, the firstborn was called red/hairy, who would call his son red and hairy? The other, well his name meant something like Tricky. Both are not great names, but for sure the second got the worst deal.

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