New Combined Mess Hall

We are thrilled to share that we just completed and opened the new mess hall for our Community Health Worker Training School. The construction which began in early 2023 was not without its challenges tho.


Today, as the Supplies and Logistics Manager at Gulf Christian Services, Bartholomew’s journey serves as an inspiration. His growth, both professionally and personally, underscores the impact of perseverance and determination. Recognized as a key asset to Gulf Christian Services, Bartholomew’s story is a testament to the transformative power of his faith and the strength that comes with that.

New Rubbish Bins for Kapuna Hospital

Why does rubbish matter? Because we are called to reflect Christ in everything we do as christians and because we were created to care for the earth, our garden of Eden.


Here is a story about the wonderful work of KAKS, an acronym for Karimai, Ara A’va, Kapuna Sewing, is a flourishing initiative that was born two years ago under the dedicated leadership of The Projects Team(Daniëlle Dijkema) and Sherry Rex, who serves as the head seamstress. Our skilled seamstresses meticulously sew an array of items, including mari blouses, skirts, shirts, baby clothes, and much more. Furthermore, they extend their expertise to creating uniforms for the local hospital.

Days For Girls

Opening of the new sewing building

Empowering Girls The Impact of Women’s Health Products Produced at Kapuna Hospital, Papua New Guinea In the Gulf of Papua New Guinea, a remarkable initiative is quietly transforming the lives of young girls and women. Days for Girls, a global organization dedicated to improving women’s health and access to education, has found a powerful ally […]

Kapuna Hospital Rebuild

In a testament to the enduring spirit of progress and community, the Kapuna Hospital, standing for over seven decades as a beacon of healthcare, was in dire need of revitalization. The remarkable Kapuna Hospital Revitalization Project, aimed at renewing this venerable institution, was a resounding success story that showcased the power of community support and […]